Вахтовый автобус на шасси КАМАЗ
Автофургон на шасси ГАЗ
Передвижная лаборатория контроля состояния трубопроводов на шасси Камаз
Автофургон на шасси УРАЛ
Передвижной склад взрывчатых материалов на шасси Камаз- 43118
Передвижная электротехническая лаборатория ППУ на шасси Камаз
Линейная машина ЛМ-1 на шасси Камаз
Mersedes Unimog, Лаборатория связи

Special equipment GAZ

Special equipment GAZ-3306 

Specifications of GAZ-3307

Truck GAZ-3307 is designed for use of all types of paved roads, and is characterized by high technical and operational performance.
The car has an all-metal two-seat cab of bonnet type, with a panoramic glass, equipped with efficient ventilation and heating system. The cabin has a rational arrangement of controls with a modern instrument panel, soft furnishings and interior door panels, adjustable seats equipped with seat belts. By order the vehicle might be equipped with starting preheater.
Platform - with wood-base and three drop sides, the possibility of installing patched on boards and awning.
Seating capacity, persons - 2
Curb weight, kg - 3200
Gross vehicle weight, kg - 7850
The maximum speed, km / h - 90
Acceleration time to 80 km / h, s - 64
Average fuel consumption in l / 100km - (GOST 20306-90)
at a speed of 60 km / h - 19.6
at a speed of 80 km / h - 26.4
Engine - ZMZ-511.10
Engine Type - - V-8h90 °, 4-stroke petrol engine with liquid cooling. Fuel - A-76
Working volume, l - 4.25
Compression ratio - 7.6
Rated power kW (hp.) / (R / min) - 87.5 (119) / 3200
Maximum torque Nm / (rev / min) - 274.7 / 2250

Specifications GAZ-3310 «Valdai»

GAZ-3310 has modern 3-bedded cabin, polunadvinutaya on engine, from a half tons track GAZ-3302. Obviously, compared with the previous models medium trucks «Valdai» provides the driver and passengers a better, comparable to the «Gazelle» comfort level.
GAZ-3310 is two-axle, 4x2, with a side platform with folding tailgate, arcs and awning. There are vehicles with extended wheelbase and six-seater cabin with the location of the seats in two rows.
Seating capacity, persons - 3
Curb weight, kg - 3175
Gross vehicle weight, kg - 7400
The maximum speed, km / h - 95
Acceleration time to 60 km / h, s - 14
Average fuel consumption in l / 100km - (GOST 20306-90)
at a speed of 60 km / h - 14
at a speed of 80 km / h - 19
Engine - MMZ D-245.7
Engine Type - - line 4-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine with liquid cooling, turbo supercharger and intercooler, direct fuel injection. Fuel - diesel
Working volume, l - 4.25
Compression ratio - 15.1
Rated power kW (hp.) / (R / min) - 86.2 (117.2) / 2400
Maximum torque Nm / (rev / min) - 413/1500

Special equipment GAZ-3307

Special equipment GAZ-3308

Special equipment GAZ-3309

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